Фантастика, фэнтези, мистика и путешествия
Сайт Анны Барсовой

Chapter 2. Travel to Khaireet

This morning all the family had woke up one hour earlier. Nyron opens his eyes and watches Korvin, who is now trying to wake up juniors. Brisk voices and laugh were heard from parents’ bedroom; than the door opens and they came in to the hall. Lucis, yawning and stretching himself, thrown his feet into the slippers and plods on to the washing room; water purls. Krea patiently holding out her legs to Korvin, waiting him to put her slippers on. He gets them on, also patiently. Nyron half-rising glares to the window. The lilac half of the sky fades unwillingly, as the night sun goes down. The other half is filling with pink, announcing the soon day sun rising.

‘Children!’ mother in thin wicker dressing gown looked out from the kitchen. ‘Hurry up! The breakfast is almost ready and we don’t have a lot of time for picking up. The caravan should be here soon.’

Lucis leaved the washing room. On his way he’s sniffing and shaking his head, water splashes fly away from him all around the room. Nyron decided not to wait for Krea, who is now playing with her slippers and trying to put them on back side in front. So he slides by Lucis into the washing room and bolts the door. He had to be quickly, so he missed the usual study of numbers of interesting things, collected here. Breathing the nice smells from mother’s bottles and phials, he visited toilet, washed his face, chewed refreshing ball with bitter-cooling taste and spit it out into the bin. After this he studies his face in the water reflector. Scarcely noticeable waves spread out at the reflector’s surface. Contented, Nyron scratches his ear and nods to the own reflection; grown and staring up hair shakes in a funny manner. He goes out.

Father and Korvin stay at the big reflector in the hall. Wearing his costume of dark-flame colors, Nyron looks at Korvin. Under the strict father’s eyes Korvin tucks in the suede shirt into the black leather trousers and buttons it up with the bone fasteners. Setting straight the flap at the sleeve under the family tattoo on his forearm the boy thinks, this week he was not naughty. If not, father most likely forbids him to take part in the travel.

Parents start flying with children to the city only when the child becomes five and even then it was rather seldom event. They even do not take Korvin to the city, despite his repeated requests.

Hastily eating a meat with a bit of sweet-juicy yellow-green narmica fruits, Nyron looks at Korvin. The last one had finished his breakfast and drinks juice. The boy enthusiastically thinks about the forthcoming trip. First time he was in the center of their city a year and a half ago. That time he was really expressed, nearly shocked. He couldn’t even imagine that rather soon he will travel to completely another city together with parents and all the family. Now they are traveling to Khaireet to visit his father’s parents. Some days ago grandpa sent a shvorkh with an invitation to the celebration of their fortieth wedding anniversary.

Nyron visited his grandparents, when he was five. Parents take along Korvin and him, but Nyron remembered a few of that travel. And now he was very interesting to see again the grandparents, their house and numerous amazing things, which grandpa makes. Some of these things are standing now at the shelves in the washing room: small boxes, wooden phials with nice-smelling liquids, his mother’s accessories and father’s shaver. Nyron likes to regard this shaver and the razor cut of it, where wood was so invisibly thin but extremely sharp. Once he even cuts his finger of it! The boy remembers the sense of cut, it was so vivid. He shuddered.

‘Nyron, don’t sleep!’ Korvin pulls his sleeve. ‘Everybody is ready.’

The boy looks back. Lucis and Krea in their blue costumes were so much alike. Only two-finger hair length difference helps to distinguish them.

Nyron nods and leaps up.

Five minutes later, when he was at the platform, he met the twins again. Mother looks strictly and they, giggling, fasten special straps to their belts. Nyron did the same and came to the father, who fastened the opposite side of the strap at his own belt. All together they jumped from the platform – Korvin and Nyron connected to father’s belt, twins – to mother’s one. The caravan is hanging on quite far ahead. Speed of free flight takes away all the breath, Nyron gave an enthusiastic shout and saw Korvin’s joyful smile.

Solidified whirlpools and rocks, segued one into another, piece of changing land, flying zlees shrubs, neighbor plantations are flickering far underneath. Shvorkh slipped by the travelers, his round black eyes glimpsing. In the short dark fur silver textile bag be seen. Probably the little creature brings letters to somebody, thoughts Nyron. And then the caravan attracts his attention.

To say the truth, his attention was fully absorbed with the caravan. No one thought, even very important one, lefts in Nyron’s mind. It appears that he completely forgot, what is it looks like. But he has seen it before, where did he look that time? Frightened, Nyron followed the separated details, too scared to cover the whole caravan with a sight.

Rockles were huge, many times bigger, than the whole house, and these animals look rather awkward. They have dark grey color of scaly folded skin. Their black leathery wings overshadowed the sun and the wind from these lazy flaps compels the father to reduce his speed. Their heads end with shapeless noses-trunks which are moving slightly. It looks like the creatures are constantly smelling and tasting the air. Their eyes were covered with the overhanging horny plates.

Three rockles were harnessed into the three platforms; the fourth one closed the caravan. The one platform was fully engaged with people, sitting on the low benches; the two rests were loaded with different merchandise.

The family approaches to the platform at the distance of some stretched arms and hangs on the air cushions, created by the parents. Nyron stretched his hand before his father’s head and jerked it away when it touches something like the wall.

In this moment he saw this person: one of those heroes from numerous legends, gossips and superstitions… Nyron saw the caravanner.

This man stands on the back of the leading rockle. Noticing the flying family, the caravanner flies to the platform, rises up his arm, simultaneously making the grabbing gesture with the hand. The air resistance disappeared. Parents flied to the platform and landing children on it surface. Those are standing frozen with their mouths opened and staring at the caravanner. Only Korvin could control himself, he greeted the caravanner and turned to the other children. He slightly clipped Nyron and Lucis at their back heads and pulls Krea. Parents give the stated fee to the caravanner and bring children to the benches at the end of the platform.

Nyron keeps staring at the caravanner. The last one has shoulder-length dark-blue hair; his clothes were made of red leather and the sun lightens on the numerous bone rivets at the strange pockets of vague purposes. Wide wooden scabbard with a bone grez is hanging on his belt. Nyron remembered the description of grez at the books: handgrip, double movable blade finished with the double spearhead. Nyron tries to distinguish the caravanner’s face, when he passes by or turns back. Swarthy skin was covered with fanciful silver ornament; this tattoo covers all the face, the neck and even the hands of the caravanner. At the one hand glimmers the yellow fingering. Nyron startles: the fingering was made of gold, it is awfully expensive! Caravanner could afford to wear such piece of luxury, really?

Nyron, stop stares at him! It is not politely, and they don’t like it!’

Nyron turns back to Korvin, who whispering these words. The older boy is also watching the caravanner stealthily.

You are also staring at him!’

Korvin smiles.

I do it secretly.’

I’ll try to do it secretly too’, mutters Nyron, viewing the people at the nearest benches.

A lot of different persons are travelling with the caravan. The tradesmen with their merchandises, collected at the two next platforms, are escorted with the soldiers; some full families and some alone travelers; a musician, playing sotto voce at his kleefah; gloomy stooping man in a blue cloak with a hood; four girls, joyfully chattering and looking at the caravanner with the same interest, as Nyron does.

Nyron’s observation was interrupted by caravanner’s servants; they passed by him shouting: ‘Underwater immersion! Underwater immersion!’

Nyron startles to Korvin, glances to the parents. Twins, who playing balls right on the floor, also rise their heads and listen to the receding voices. Father looks down at the platform’s banisters and explains.

No need to worry. The air around us will dense now and we’ll fly down and then immerse into the water. The caravanner saw an area of unchangeable water and want to bath the rockles. Lucis, Krea, take a seat near to us; Nyron keep closer to Korvin.'

Nyron sat arm to arm with Korvin and makes a guarded look around. People concentrated at their seats, those who passing by or standing near the banisters also hasten to the benches.

The caravan descended slowly when the caravanner, standing on the hunchbacked leading rockle, strikes sharply with his hands. It looks like he pulled something along the platforms. Nyron immediately feels that the air around him thickening, it was even hard to breath. Semitransparent light-blue cupola glimmers over the all platforms. This cupola pushed away the small flock of shvorkhs, which came too close to it.

Nyron looks down and frightened: the water surface was so close to him! But one glance at the parent’s faces reassured him: they were calm, so there is not anything bad in it.

Hardly controlling himself Korvin puts his hand at Nyron’s arm and speaks slowly with a light smile ‘Do not worry. The caravanners often do this thing. Just imaging, what should be the smell here without bathing!”

And Nyron stood at gaze for the moment. He knows about the bathing from books, readied to him by his mother, but now he can see it with his own eyes. Rockles takes their gigantic wings inside the formless bodies, leaving only two small pieces on the both sides – like fins. The whole bodies changed: they became almost two times longer and thinner. And in a moment the caravan with a roar, that can be heard far-far away, forced into the blue water mass and go deeper and deeper. Strange pictures flickering around: huge boulders, curling lianas, flaring sphere breaks up into hundreds of small lights that run away…

Nyron puts all the efforts to keep his eyes open. There is nothing to be afraid of, even juniors have fun – they are giggling and pointing with fingers all around. He peered into the deep dark with wide-opened eyes, but there was nothing more to see. When he feels, that his breathing became easier, he understands the caravan is going to fly again. Bright daylight came from the top, the clouds became visible through the water lens, the rockles grow their wings again. The first one shoots up from the water, bates and pulls out the caravan to the sky. As soon as all caravan leaved water, the cupola over it became lighter, more transparent and very soon the air was usual again. And again they are traveling high up over the water and over the whirlpools, rocks and motley pieces of land.


‘Oh, my darlings!’ grandmother stands on the platform near to the big dark-red sphere colored with the armorial bearing of the Notis clan – tree suns. Smiling, grandma moves her arms apart to embrace all the children together, and then she embraces mother and father and invites all travelers inside. Grandpa appears from the hall. He kissed all grandchildren, hugs mom and patted dad on his shoulder.

‘Mira, Gerg! We are so happy to see all of you here. Feel free, come in inside. We are looking for Smalenses and Vistergs. They'll arrive soon and we can start celebrating,’ grandpa leads all guests into the hall. There were a lot of people. Nyron follows Korvin quietly and when all adults take their places at the big and soft sofas around the set-out, he draws aside. Standing between two patterned cupboards Nyron watches Korvin and juniors who join to the noisy flock of children of different ages. Parents rejoin to the talk, started before they came in. Nyron came closer to the nearest sofa and pins his ears back: what if this people also will speak about his dictating abilities and what he is a miserable and unskillful. Squeals from children’s company make him wince.

‘Well, this demargo is so exacting to all the apprentices, she took to her school,’ corpulent woman with fluffed up dull hears lays down the law. ‘She accepts no compromises, makes no resignations! If the entrant does not correspond just a little bit to her requirements to the higher thought-creator, she'll never accept him!’

‘Oh, yes. This is true!’ the man with mustaches near to her livens up and starts to readjust the sleeves of his expensive webbed shirt. ‘She rejects the entrance to the son of my neighbors. He is very talented. But I can tell you, why she is so adherent to the principles. I have heard from …well…from a trusted thought-creator,’ at these words the man lowers his voice and takes anxious glance around the hall. ‘She is so strict only because she is not the Highest herself!'

There was a long moment of silence among the guests. The bone fork bumps against the table. Small slender woman, who dropped it, put her fingers to the mouth.

‘She descended from the very powerful clan; this is one of the ancient clans! So how can she confesses, that she is just a higher, not the Highest thought-creator. Everyone in this great clan should be the Highest. But she obtains her position only due to her family!’ the man continues his whispering.

Nyron was interested in this talk, but grandparents came in, happy smiling, with a couple of new guests. Welcoming sounds, everybody starts moving closer to make some free places for newcomers. Grandpa introduced them. Vistergs were dull elderly couple. And Smalenses, on the contrary, were bright interesting persons. Nyron watches interestedly at the black-haired man, his colorful wife and children. The youngest girl was about six years old; the oldest one seems to be his peer. She feels the Nyron’s look and sweeps him with cold eyes of nice gold-brown color, than takes her little sister’s hand and marches to other children, shaking with her wavy reddish hair. Her sister was very much looked alike: the same upturned nose covered with freckles, the same lean and slender built.

Watching at this couple, like being spellbound, Nyron did not detected Korvin’s reproachful look. At the end he understands that attracts a lot of attention, and leans against the wall, embarrassed, trying to hide himself behind the cupboard. But it was late. Korvin came closer and whispers in his ear.

‘Nyron, are you falling in love with this girl? You can pierce her with your gaze!’

‘What’s her name?’ he dared to ask.

‘The older one? Deeny.’ He stayed silent for a moment and added, ‘The most part of the members of her family are higers!’

Nyron dropped his eyes and drags himself along to the grandpa bedroom. When Korvin hails him he says, he wants to see grandfather’s caskets.

‘Try not to spill them,’ with affected concerns calls Korvin after him.

Still lower, Nyron pulls the door and came into the bedroom. He couldn’t recall the interior of the room at his last visit – he was too small. With half-opened mouth he slowly moves around the room. Nice scent spreads out from the small blue vase, which stands on the bedside table. All the furniture was covered with excellent ornaments and patterns – Nyron’s grandpa was a carpenter master. A number of lovely caskets standing on the shelves that stretches along the concave wall. After studying them all, Nyron looked at the other things.

In this bedroom he felt a strange feeling, strange and vaguely familiar. He feels that all things in the room are at the destined places. All interior was so well balanced that if you try to move only one item, it will ruin all the harmony in a moment.

At the bed, covered with a Bordeaux bedspread, lies a small book in a golden-colored binding. Bending forward, Nyron turns over the pages, looking for some pictures. But the book does not contain one. Turning back, he saw at the opposite wall the grandpa’s weapon – carved three-edged sword done from the hardest wood on the planet. This wood is called grange and, being at unchangeable state, it could pierce even solidified stone. Nyron touches the blade and turns to the shelves near the window. At the upper one stands wooden painted statuette of a man. It slightly resembled at someone. Nyron came closer, scrutinizing.

Can’t you recognize?’

The boy startles. His grandfather puts the hand on his shoulder.

Sorry, I came so quietly…’

Who is this?’

This is your father. Master done it when he was younger, but I think it looks very much alike. Do you think so?’

Nyron nods in a polite agree, but on his opinion the resemblance was very light.

We also have had the similar statuette of Mira, but it disappeared a long time ago when..., well, it doesn’t matter. What a pity.’

What is this?’ – Nyron pointed at the man’s head in a red bandage with funny mustaches. Mustache head looks incongruous at the nice bed-table with a reflector.

This one?’ grandpa turned the amusing item in his hands. ‘This is a casket and it shows an Adamanga’s head. It was presented to me at…’

My mom reads me about the Adamangas!’ excited, Nyron interrupted him. ‘In previous times they attacked cities and caravans!’

Yes, but time changed and they are changed too. Now Adamangas are incapable of anything but stealing. Have a look at this thing!’

Grandpa takes from the highest shelf a huge transparent crystal and offers it to Nyron. Blue lights are flashing randomly inside the crystal.

This is a crystal of solonium, the solar stone. It can be discovered very seldom, one time in a number of years, when big rocks are going to ruins. This is Assembly’s Award for the defeating the big group of Adamangas.’

You’ve fought with Adamangas?’ Nyron’s breath choked in his throat. His father said, the grandpa has a glorious past, but he never went into the details.

‘Not only with Adamangas. During the War Adamangas jointed to Gurd the Changeable. And we were at the opposite side.’

‘What means “the Changeable”?’

Oh, here you are!’ grandma came into the room. She looks at her husband indignantly and exclaims, “Malon, why do you keep Nyron separated from other children? Darling, you should be very hungry! Let’s go.’

And she slightly pushed Nyron in the direction of the hall. Turning back he catches the quick guilty grandpa’s look.

Grandmother takes Nyron to the children’s table at the opposite side of the hall. The only free place at it was between Korvin and Deeny. The table was covered with a number of dishes: sliced meat, boiled dodo-stems, different fruits and sweets, berry pie and jugs with the fruit-drinks. The boy set as close to Korvin, as it was possible here. But it doesn’t help him to avoid the Deeny’s attention. He is just trying to hook on his fork the very nice and appetizing piece of unknown pink food, when Deeny stooped to him and whispered right in his ear, ‘Nyron, why do you stay apart from others? When you are a guest, you should communicate with the other people!’

Her voice was so peremptory and categorical, that Nyron choked. He clears his throat and looks sideways at Deeny; she met him with a severe look.

Ummm…I’m just…’

You are not interesting in your peers. I’d be bored to tears sitting dumbly, without communications!’ Deeny pierces him with her gold-brown eyes. Her sister looks over her shoulder, inquiringly, with the eyebrows up. Nyron stands still, confused.

I …I am just…’

Do you know more words, except “I” and “just”?’ she demanded.

No!’ Nyron turns back, hooked the pink piece and shoved it into the mouth. And understood well that overleaps himself! He was “happy” enough to taste frang fruit first time in his life. These fruits have a very special nice taste, but they also were extremely viscous. The pink piece was too big to swallow and besides it momentarily sticks to the boy’s teeth and seems it going to keep them glued till the end of the days.

Deeny, who watches Nyron all this time, raised her eyebrows arrogantly, primed up and turned to the opposite side proudly.

Nyron chews his frang with diligence, his eyes nearly starting out of his head. He had understood now that he should not eat it wholly. The red boy at the opposite side takes the same piece, but he cuts it in four smaller portions, adds brown sauce and eats with gusto. Nyron is really envying him! He remembered mother’s advice: frang should be eaten with a special sauce which doesn’t allow it to stick to your teeth…

Nyron closed his eyes and chews more diligently, but alas, the more efforts he puts, the worst result it gives. Opening eyes he startled: Korvin stares at him.

Nyron, what’s happen with you?’ he is nearly laughing, ‘What thing are you trying to swallow?’

With a martyr’s face he pointed at the dish with the pieces of frang. Korvin glances at him mistrustfully and raised his eyebrows.

You take this in a whole and without sauce?’

When Nyron nods, he couldn’t keep himself and bursting out laughing.

Well, let’s go!’ – Korvin became quiet, takes a sauce-boat from the table and leads Nyron to the washing-room. There he shows how to pour the sauce into the mouth to make frang come unstuck from teeth. The procedure was too slow. Spitting out the remains of frang into the toilet Nyron think that he completely lost all desire to taste this fruit once more time. Korvin, still laughing, leaves him with the sauce-boat and sticky fruit and returns to the hall.

The boy was almost finishing his struggle when he heard voices and footfalls. He’s going to get out from washing room and at the last moment understands that voices belong to his mom and grandpa. Something makes him to stay inside; Nyron half-opens the door and listens attentively.

‘Malon, your house is so nice and comfortable! I am trying to make the same atmosphere at my own, but still not succeed. My be I don’t have your and Nadee experience and sense of balance.’

‘Oh, the Most High! Mira, don’t exaggerate! Sure, we put a lot of efforts to make our house so well-harmonized. But your one is also good and comfortable. Do not depreciate your abilities!’

Ma with grandpa passed the washing room and came into the bedroom. Nyron strains his ears, nestling close to the door.

Oh, everything here is so familiar! I remember the every item. Nothing has changed since Gerg and I were children. The caskets, and the books, your sword… You know, every time I entered here it seemed to me, I am going into a very special fairy world.’

Malon laughed, ‘I don’t know about the fairy world, but Nadee and I are also feeling something special here.’

Nyron can’t understand why his mother laughed at these words. Picking his front teeth he drew one more piece of frang and thrown it on the floor because the bin and the wash-basin were at the opposite side of the room.

Malon, I can’t see the second statuette,’ it seems that mother still looking around the room. ‘Don’t you remember? When Gerg and I both finished school, you‘ve ordered two statuettes…’

Yes, it is a real pity! We were robbed at the very end of the war. They take some items and also this statuette…’

You have never told us about robbery. And it is so strange: the statuette was not expensive. It is a usual wooden figure.’

We also can’t understand. May be the thieves liked how are you looking and they’ve taken a copy.’ Grandpa hums gloomily, ‘We are going to order the new one, but there is always no time for this,’ he adds in an apologetic tone.

Malon, that’s no need to worry! You need not do this. The main thing that you were not thieved anything really valuable, thanks the Most High.’

Nyron feds up to stand motionlessly in the washing room, but he could not go out without be seen by the adults. How long is she going to bother grandpa with these small talks?!

It would be better if they took something really expensive...,’ muffled Malon.

Malon! The statuette is such a trifle!’ mother looks at him amazed.

The trifle, you’ve said? It was…it was valuable for us. These statuettes are memories about your and Gerg’s youth.’

Grandpa fell silent. Nyron can’t see their faces, but he feels that the silence became too long.

Mira, all these talks makes me remember the war. It is not pleasant memories!’

Mother apologized and they passed to the hall. Nyron respires and follows them, trying to take his place at the children’s table without being noticed. Filling his plate with the well-known sweets he thinks that it would be much better for his mom to study him, how frangs should be eaten, than keep all this courteous talks.

At the adults’ table the conversation change its subject. Through joyful chatters and exclamations Nyron catches some phrases about strange things that started to happen again in Khaireet, about the tension at someone’s relations… The boy understood that no one will discuss him and his abilities, settled down and paid his attention to the children. Red boy (his name was Kan) is now discussing with twins an exchange of Lucis’s toy-guards at his leebo-wood statuette collection. Nyron shrugs: what is the use of collecting statuettes and later change this collection at stupid toys? And no surprise that Lucis and Krea like this exchange very much.

Two girls together with Deeny are watching carefully at Korvin’s tricks with water. Deeny did not pester him anymore. She looks at Korvin and chatters about some “poor Kolees”, who lost his parents.

Nyron hums: Korvin is adult enough; he is going to enter the middle-grade school. The boy tried to listen to the peers’ talks, but descriptions of toy-exchanges and girls’ chattering about some unknown boy were really boring. He is absently picking with a fork in his plate almost half of an hour, when the small incident relieves the situation.

The corpulent woman, her name was Niserva, that earlier told everyone about the demargo, suddenly groaned and pressed her hands to the chest. Large lilac beads spread out from her neck. Some of them fall down, others drop to the plates and glasses, and the one even hits the bald-headed man. All these beads are jumping, spinning and changing forms. Niserva looks at other guests with the tears and righteous wrath in her eyes and exclaims, ‘Damned rouge! I believed him, and he is unworthy to be master! He provides me a guaranty… He guarantied, his dictates lasts for five years at least!’

Last words she squeaked in an exhausted voice and turned up her eyes.

Nyron could hardly repress a smile. He looks around. Only Deeny and Kan were serious at this situation. The last one jumped up with a desire to help her but didn’t know what to do and stands still.

‘She is probably his mom,’ thinks Nyron. ‘Or may be his aunt,’ he takes pity on the sad red-haired boy.

Adults all together are gathering fiercely opposed beads, expressing sympathy with Niserva and abusing the dishonest master. They all look concordant in their indignation, but… Nyron gazes at the mother’s face. Her eyelashes were down in a sad manner, slender fingers strained to the lips. But when she tries to catch the rolling bead and takes her hand away from the face, the light smile was on it. Also smiling, Nyron moves his glance at father. Gerg feels that someone is looking, turns to his son and smiles in the reply, pressing the forefinger to the mouth: hush! Nyron nods.

At the end all the beads were collected; the most visitors had leaved with the passing-by caravans. Those who lived at the neighborhood, as Smalenses, and the higher thought-creators flew home on their own. Nyron’s family also was on the go. The boy concentrated on hiding the sweets, received from grandma, at the pockets of his close.

Malon comes with the hands behind his back.

Gerg, Korvin will soon go to the pre-entrance meeting at the middle-grade school.’

Nyron stopped to rustle with the sweet-covers and listens carefully. Korvin and his father are nodding in unison. Mother laughs, looking at them.

Yes, it will be the important day for our family,’ father pats the son’s red fleece. ‘Our firstborn will go to school!’

Grandma and I would like to make you a present.’

He reaches out from his back the small cage braided from zleese. Everyone moved close, looking at the furry black-and-grey ball size of man’s fist. Two eyes flash from the middle of fur and blink. The ball sniffs and sneezes.

This is varang,’ grandpa smiles, confused. ‘Quite a rare animal.’

Mother and father raised up the eyebrows. Their eyes met with understanding. Korvin, Nyron and the juniors looks astonished.

‘Oh!’ grandpa understands, the children had never seen the varang before, and even had never heard about it.

The varangs are feeding with fruits and vegetables, they are very low-maintenance. But they are rather changeable,’ grandpa glances at Korvin. ‘Very soon you can see it! For the first time your parents will help you with this. But you should remember: varang becomes very much attached to his master. Also it can feel the danger changes at the environment and warns about it: the color of its fur changes to the white!’

It is a very-very useful animal!’ smiling significantly, grandmother appears from the kitchen with the towel in her hands. ‘Nyron, when you will go to school, we try to procure the same one to you too.’

And she winks to him. Nyron abashed: what if parents told her about his mistakes at the Veer’s lessons?! At least his father has big doubts about Nyron’s ability to enter even a low-grade school.

Korvin, enthusiastic and smiling, takes the cage with the words of thanks and gratitude. Lucis and Krea follow him; they try to pass their fingers throw the cage’s bars and prevent to each other. Nyron, with his hands in the pockets, thinking, is it possible to obtain varang before pre-entrance meeting. In this case he will keep the animal even if he doesn’t enter the school.

Tired of new food and impressions they make last farewell kisses, fasten to the parents’ belts and flies to the nearest caravan. Lilac twilight covers the world around.


If you are still interested in books about elves and gnomes, vampires and werewolves, you should not read this novel!

If you afraid to leave well-known fantasy-worlds – well described, included maps and detailed instructions to survive and similar as beans from one pod – you should not enter this world!

New heroes are acting here and new rules are valid here. This unknown world does not want to be drawn at the map.

Practically everything in this world is dangerous. Natural elements are so unsteady. The water does not want to be liquid, it can be fluid and viscous and even as hard as a rock. The air can solidify and the fire is self-willed as a wild beast. Rocks are growing during the night and melting in the next day. Dry lands covered with motley bushes are traveling all the time and all time changing its shapes. The plants and animals are also changeable.

People from this world call themselves as thought-creators: they can transform their thoughts into the physical impact at the surrounding nature. Without this ability people could not survive in this strange world. The surviving, the wellbeing and even the social status depend from the range of thought-creator’s force. The strongest ones can rule the cities. Cities provide security to all its’ people. To loose citizenship is equal to loose your life.

“Hightower Shadow” is a novel about a boy living in this very dangerous and changeable world. This novel is about his searches, which are sometimes successful, sometimes are not. Nyron searches answers about his mother’s death; he searches for powerful protectors because he is too weak; he searches for friends, but more often he met enemies. His difficult character is not the only reason why just a little boy has so many enemies around. There is another reason and it goes deep into the past of his family.